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As a marketing and consumer behavior expert, Joeri is particularly known for his insights into Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha. With his deep understanding of youth, family, and teen marketing, as well as his focus on sustainability and regeneration, Joeri's work offers valuable resources for anyone interested in connecting with today's young consumers.


Academic reads
Dive into Joeri's peer-reviewed articles and conference papers to explore his academic research on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. These reads provide valuable insights into generational dynamics and the latest trends in the marketing world.


eBooks & reports

Joeri's digital research publications, like “Ready for the Zoomers”, “Conscious Consumption”, and “Millennials at Work” provide a deep dive into current trends and consumer habits. These eBooks and reports are great resources for staying up-to-date on market shifts and understanding the nuances of today's consumers.



Check out Joeri's award-winning book "How Cool Brands Stay Hot", which offers a fun and insightful look into the minds of young consumers. His books are packed with practical advice and research-based insights, making them a great read for both industry professionals and academics.

Our publications are all about helping you understand and connect with the next generation. Whether you're looking for academic research, practical reports, or award-winning books, you'll find a wealth of knowledge here. Enjoy exploring!

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