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Meet Gen Z. Born into a technological world, GenZ is social-media-literate, always-on and hyper-informed. Online platforms are not only their means to be in the know or stay connected, but above all allow them to amplify their voice. From #MeToo to Black Lives Matter, Gen Z is not afraid to question authority and call out injustice. Growing up against the backdrop of social upheaval, climate change and a global health crisis, it’s a generation that struggles with mental well-being, but they don’t hold back to openly talk it. With many coming of age during the pandemic, the lockdown years put a mark on their lives and outlook on the future.

So what characterises these Zoomers, and how are they different from the generations before them? In the Ready for the Zoomers report, we shed a light on what makes Gen Z tick and what they expect from brands.

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