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Joeri Van den Bergh is a leading expert in marketing, consumer behavior, and generational trends, specialized in engaging with Gen Z, Millennials (or Gen Y), and the emerging Gen Alpha.

With extensive experience in youth marketing, family marketing, and teen marketing, as well as sustainability and regeneration strategies, Joeri offers invaluable insights into connecting with today's young consumers.

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Author and speaker

As author of the award-winning book "How Cool Brands Stay Hot" and a variety of digital research publications such as “Ready for the Zoomers”, “Conscious Consumption” and “Millennials at Work”, Joeri is a sought-after keynote speaker and consumer trends expert. He advises leading brands with insights and foresights on NextGen consumer behavior and cultural trends, helping them future-proof their businesses in a rapidly changing market landscape.


Expert in generational dynamics

Joeri's expertise extends beyond youth marketing to encompass generational trends in the workplace. He provides guidance on working with Generation Z and Millennials, bridging the gap between generations, and fostering collaboration in the workplace.

Thought leader and futurist

As a thought leader and trendwatcher, Joeri contributes regularly to industry publications and speaks at conferences, client & in-company events. His inspiration and keynote sessions offer practical strategies for adapting to consumer trends and future-proofing businesses in an ever-evolving market.

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Whether you're seeking a keynote speaker for your next conference, strategic advice on marketing to youth and families, insights into future consumer trends for your team, or exploring the dynamics of generations at work, Joeri Van den Bergh is here to help. Reach out today to give your audience a NextGen boost

Jennie Meynell

Head of Events at BrandRepublic Haymarket

"Joeri presented at Marketing Magazine’s Youth marketing conference. The feedback from delegates was fantastic with the majority rating the keynote as ‘excellent’. The delivery was insightful, engaging, humorous and entertaining. "


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