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As a Marketing Professor at the Vlerick Business School, Joeri is a frequent contributor to academic journals and conferences, consistently sharing new insights and foresights on NextGen consumer behavior in a fast changing world.

Are consumers equally willing to pay more for brands that aim for sustainability

MDPI Sustainability

This article examines global consumer preferences for sustainable/inclusive versus exclusive/trendy brands using data from 24,798 participants, revealing significant demographic differences in willingness to pay across generations, genders, and countries/regions.

Beyond labels: Segmenting the Gen Z market for more effective marketing

Emerald Young Consumers Journal

Identifies segments in the Gen Z population (born between 1996 and 2010) in Europe, the USA and Australia, based on brand- and lifestyle-related variables and perceptions about their online activities. This study explores how these segments differ and provide insights into cross-country similarities and differences.

How brands can effectively engage young consumers

WARC Best Practice

Discusses key characteristics that can help marketers prioritise strategies to bond with the up-and-coming consumer generations and outlines case studies from across the world of brands that are successfully connecting with NextGen consumers.

Are you OK Zoomers?


To understand Gen Z's core challenges, values and desires, and prepare for potential shifts in consumer behaviour, Coca-Cola LatAm has engaged in a quantitative study among Gen Z (or Zoomers) in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, benchmarking the young consumers with the three older generations, i.e., Gen Y (commonly called Millennials), Gen X and (Baby) Boomers.  

What does sustainability mean in the minds of consumers?

Marketing Letters

Academic research reveals three key factors to sharpen the positioning and marketing communication efforts of brands claiming to be 'sustainable'. 

Joeri Van den Bergh, Keynote Speaker and Author

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