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Gen Z at Work

Redefining the multi-generational workplace

With Gen Z streaming into the workforce in record numbers, organizations are not only tasked with managing the most multi-generational workforce (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers) in history, but also attracting a new generational cohort often labelled as lazy, entitled, even awkward… 

Born into a digital age and coming of age during a pandemic, Gen Z is reshaping workplace norms and dynamics. This job-hopping generation challenges employers to rethink what attracts, motivates, and retains them in the workplace. And as they advocate for diversity, salary transparency, meaningful work, mental well-being… Gen Z is openly discussing all workplace ‘taboos’. 

So, how can we effectively engage and leverage the potential of Gen Z to shape the future of our workplaces? And how can organizations navigate the multitude of expectations brought by a multi-generational workforce?

Backed by fresh research insights and real-world brand examples, Gen Z at Work offers actionable recommendations and strategies for organizations and leaders to bridge the generational gap in your workforce and harness the unique strengths of Gen Z. Explore key themes such as workplace etiquette, the flex-factor, eco-ducation and many more. 

Available formats: Keynote - Inspiration session - Workshop
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