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Joeri Van den Bergh is renowned for his engaging and insightful keynote speeches, bringing fresh perspectives on generational trends and consumer behavior to audiences around the world. Whether you're hosting a conference, organizing an in-company inspiration session, or planning a workshop, his presentations are designed to inspire, educate, and provoke thought.

Conference keynotes

Joeri's conference keynotes are perfect for large audiences, delivering impactful insights on the latest cultural trends and strategies to connect with young consumers. With his dynamic presentation style and deep knowledge, Joeri captivates audiences and leaves them with actionable takeaways.

In-company inspiration sessions
Looking to spark inspiration within your team? Joeri's in-company inspiration sessions are tailored to your organization's needs, providing customized insights and strategies to help your team navigate the complexities of marketing to young consumers and families, deep dive into broader consumer and cultural trends, such as sustainability, or explore the dynamics of generations at work

Joeri's workshops offer an interactive environment to dive deeper into youth marketing (Gen Alpha, Gen Z or Millennials), cultural trends or bridging the generational gap in the workplace. Our workshop formats allow participants to engage in meaningful discussions, and work on practical exercises. These sessions are ideal for teams looking to develop new skills and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, generational dynamics and marketing strategies.

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So whether you're seeking a keynote speaker for your next conference, strategic advice on marketing to youth and families, insights into future consumer trends for your team, or exploring the dynamics of generations at work, Joeri Van den Bergh is here to help.
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