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A glimpse into
the impact of Joeri's work. 

Joeri presented at Marketing Magazine’s Youth marketing conference. The feedback from delegates was fantastic with the majority rating the keynote as ‘excellent’. The delivery was insightful, engaging, humorous and entertaining. 

Jennie Meynell, Head of Events at BrandRepublic Haymarket

Joeri brought the Gen Z consumer to life in an incredibly engaging way, shining a light on their key struggles, passions, values, loves & dislikes, with clear implications for our brands.

Andra Dempster, Director Insights & Analytics Mondelez

Joeri’s presentation is very insightful! He doesn't just show the data but brings in many different in-market examples to give better context. That brings lots of value for organisations!

Kelly Young, Director Strategic Marketing Prudential  

Knowing the consumer is vital to any business looking for a meaningful, long-term engagement. The addition of fresh insights to How Cool Brands Stay Hot into Gen Y with an eye-opening preview of Gen Z will help marketers keep pace with the digital generation.

Kurt Frenier, former Vice President GM Global Marketing of PepsiCo Group


How Cool Brands Stay Hot is a great book exemplifying and rationalizing critical changes to capture in our activities – well written and easy understood.

Elizabeth Wolgemuth, former SVP Global B2B Marketing of MasterCard

How Cool Brands Stay Hot is a great compass based on science and art, a source of inspiration for any leader on where to go next and what to do. Not only from a business perspective but even when you have younger teams or family troops to manage.

Paul Andersen, Vice President of Pepsi-Lipton Europe


Well-written and well-documented, How Cool Brands Stay Hot is a must-read book for anyone connecting with Generations Y and Z. Once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down.

Anouk Lagae, former Chief Marketing Officer of Duvel Moortgat

How Cool Brands Stay Hot gives a fabulous deep dive in marketing and branding to Millennials. It is often said that the Millennials are more complex and don’t follow easy, linear rules. This book definitely reduces complexity and is a must-read for all of those who have to understand these target groups.

Marion De Bruyne, Associate Professor in Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Dean of Vlerick Business School, and author of Customer Innovation


How Cool Brands Stay Hot gives an elaborate insightful view on how to read Generations Y and Z. A must-read for every marketing professional who wants to get a better understanding of young adults.

Dr. Alexander Linder, former Vice President Corporate Brand, Consumer and Marketing Intelligence of Swarovski

It is easily taken for granted that a hot brand stays cool forever. You continue working with what was successful in the past until one day you have become irrelevant or ‘the brand of my parents’. How Cool Brands Stay Hot helps in such an impactful wat to stay in touch with Millennials and offers plenty of concrete examples to apply to your brand instantly.

Jean-Jacques Velkeniers, former VP Marketing Europe & Business Unit President Europe West of AB InBev

One of today’s challenges is having too much access to too much information. How Cool Brands Stay Hot focused on key things to know about Millennials and did a great job of illustrating these themes with current marketing and advertising examples to bring them to life.

Anneleen Waterloos, former Global Head of Consumer & Business Intelligence of IKEA

How Cool Brands Stay Hot has been instrumental in bringing this generation to life for us. By introducing key elements of tangibility and insight, it helped shape our shared journey, both as a world-class technology brand as well as a best-in-class employer brand for Gen Yers and beyond.

Judith Oppenheim, former Research Director, Insights & Planning of R/GA

Millennials – everybody is trying to understand them but very few get to both their hearts and brains. How Cool Brands Stay Hot decodes young men and women who will lead the world in the coming future. For a generation famous for multitasking and lack of attention, the book helps brands in creating longer lasting bonds. A great, insightful must-read.

Anna Zanghi, former Vice President Global Product of MasterCard

How Cool Brands Stay Hot holds the best and most comprehensive perspective on Generation Y marketing and I regularly recommend it in lectures on recruiting Generation Y.

Marcelo Amstalden Möller, former Head of Global CMI Innovation of HEINEKEN Group

I’m generally not a big fan of marketing books and particularly not when they touch so-called youth marketing. But this one was refreshing and informative, more observing and sharing a frame of thinking on the evolution of generations instead of an absolute theory on ‘how to get after those young consumers’.

Christophe Fellinger, former Talent Relationship & Recruiting Manager of Beiersdorf

No challenge is more pressing for today’s brands than successfully connecting with Generation Y. How Cool Brands Stay Hot offers precious insights on doing just that.

Gert Kerkstoel, Independent Investor and former Global Business Director of Nike SB

How Cool Brands Stay Hot shares a wealth of insight. At TOMS we are in business to improve lives and this mission allows us to build an emotional bond with customers and motivate employees, because they know they are shopping and working for a movement bigger than themselves. Connecting with consumers in an authentic way is essential in today’s world.

Ricardo Marques, former VP Marketing High End Imports of AB InBev

To win the consumer revolution, all brands should have the ambition to become a Lovemark. How Cool Brands Stay Hot explains brilliantly how you can gain the love of Generation Y. A must-read for all Generation Y marketers and for brand marketers altogether, since Generation Y leads the other target groups as well.

Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS

We continuously fuel our brands with fresh and creative views. How Cool Brands Stay Hot is a rich source of inspiration for anyone who wants to truly connect with young people.

Kevin Roberts, Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi


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