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As Co-founder, Non-Executive Partner and Future Consumer Expert at Human8 (formerly known as InSites Consulting), Joeri regularly publishes new research on generational aspects of marketing and branding to kids, teens and young adults. 

Ready for the Zoomers report cover

Ready for the Zoomers?

A Gen Z report

Meet Gen Z, the tech-savvy generation born into a world of constant connectivity and information. They leverage online platforms not only to stay informed and connected but also to amplify their voices, fearlessly addressing issues like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. Raised amidst social upheaval, climate change, and a pandemic, Gen Z grapples with mental well-being, openly discussing their challenges.


The Ready for the Zoomers report explores what defines these Zoomers and outlines their expectations from brands, shedding light on their unique characteristics in comparison to previous generations.

Conscious Consumption

How sustainable is sustainability for brands?

From extreme weather events to global social movements, the impact of human-induced pressures on our planet and people is undeniable. Despite growing awareness of sustainability, many struggle to translate it into action.


The Conscious Consumption eBook delves into consumer barriers and expectations, drawing on proprietary research and interviews with sustainability experts. Offering inspiration and guidance, this resource is a valuable tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, and individuals committed to building a better future for our planet and society.

Conscious Consumption eBook cover
Millennials at Work eBook cover

Millennials at Work

Understanding NextGen's needs for future-proof HR strategies

Over the last decade, Millennials, constituting 50% of the global workforce, have brought distinct attitudes and work approaches shaped by unique upbringing and experiences.


The Millennials at Work eBook unveils strategies to leverage their talents for maximum business impact. Explore the nuances of Millennial differences and learn how companies can adapt their HR practices to be Millennial-proof.


Is NextGen marketing more chemistry than science?

In our post-truth era of rapid change, facts blur, stability wavers, and societal structures shift. NextGen consumers (Gen Y & Z) navigate this uncertainty with agility, expecting brands to mirror their nimbleness.


The frAGILE eBook, based on interviews with global marketing executives from renowned brands, unveils insights on fostering brand resilience beyond disruption. Explore how brands are embracing agile marketing strategies to align with the dynamic pace of the new decade in a world fluctuating between augmented realities and a return to the comfort of real experiences.

frAGILE eBook cover
Joeri Van den Bergh Keynote Speaker and Author

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